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The School Board of Springfield RXII Public Schools takes part in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. Meals are served every school day. For the 2015-16 School year student's may buy lunch for $2.45 in Elementary Schools or $2.70 in Middle/High Schools. Breakfast is $1.25 for all grades levels except for the sites that have Breakfast In the Classroom (BIC) those students eat Breakfast free at those sites. Eligible students may receive meals free or at a reduced price of $.40 for lunch and $.30 for breakfast for students. Until your applicaton is processed, you may need to provide your child(ren) with money to purchase meals at the prices listed above. PLEASE ALLOW 10 WORKING DAYS FOR ELIGIBILITY DETERMINATION. BENEFITS ARE NOT RETROACTIVE. Charges incurred prior to eligibility determination will need to be paid. This district participates in the Missouri Direct Certification Program. If you receive notification that your child has been directly certified to receive free meals for the school year, you DO NOT need to apply for meal benefits. If you have children in your household that were not listed on your Direct Certification letter you will need to notify Nutrition Services to have those students added to your household contact Linda at 417-523-1130 or the Nutrition Services Office at 417-523-1100 to have them added. If you do not receive notificaion, you must apply for meal benefits by completing a meal application or applying online. OneSource Online Instant Processor application entry makes it easy and convenient to apply for meal benefits for your child(ren).  Simply enter the requested information as accurately as possible, and all data will be instantly and securely sent to your child(ren)'s school district for processing.  Start your family's meal benefits sooner by entering your information now!
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